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Photography for me has always been an expression of personality. I started off with photography as a hobby and then realized that it could be a means of doing what I love and actually getting paid for it. I have a friendly and engaging style and pride myself in making my  subjects feel comfortable and having fun. More than that, I strive for portraits that express who you  truly are. I want your portraits to be something that will be cherished now but also for generations to come.

I prefer the use of natural light and work almost entirely away from the confines of a studio--though I do have a studio for portraits and headshots-- thus the name "Light Play". I would love the chance to get to know you better and see if we can make some beautiful images together. If you are in Spring, TX or in the northern Houston area please contact me down below.

I have been blessed with an amazing wife who has put up with me since 2000. We have 4 fantastic children, a dog, a cat, a school of fish, and a tank of Sea Monkeys that will not die despite the promise on the package. 

        -Josh Bodden

Email:                           Phone/Text:  (262) 844-4090

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